Mansarovar  B.Ed.

Mansarovar  B.Ed.


Mansarovar B.Ed. College

Library & Reading Room

The College has a fully automated library with above 8492 books catering to History of Education, History of Physical Education, Educational Philosophy, educational sociology, Education Psychology, Research methodology & Statistics, Environmental Education, Population Education, Educational Technology, Educational Planning and Management, Physical Education, Sports & Yoga, Anatomy & Physiology, Sports Psychology, Health, Mental Hygiene.

Value Education, Classroom Teaching Methodology, Microteaching, Lesson Planning, Educational Evaluation and many books for general and motivational reading. The library situated on the ground floor of the department for the benefit of physically challenged persons and pregnant ladies.

Psychology Laboratory

The psychology laboratory has a variety of paper-pencil tests to assess creativity, intelligence, personality factors, teaching proficiencies, learning aptitudes, attitudes and abilities in various subjects, motivation and soft skills. It also has apparatus for analysis of different psychological traits.

Art & Craft Workshop

This room has a stock of all the types of drawing pencils, round & flat broushes of all numbers, stencils, was crayons, sketch pens, permanent markers, water colours paints, poster colours, oil paints, pastel colours etc. to help trainees learn fine art skill that may help the future teachers to prepare attractive, accurate and proportional teaching aids.

Code of Conduct

Mansarovar B.Ed. College
  • The students shall maintain mutual respect and understanding in the College.
  • It is believed that the students supply correct and factual information to the College on all the matter sought by the College.
  • If the students are absent in the class, they shall have produce an application duly signed by their parents or guardian.
  • The students shall have no contact with or allow any anti social elements and if they do so in the premises of the University, they shall be liable for servers punishment.
  • The students shall develop the habit of study and shall keep a tract of the Notice Board for instruction, directions, guidelines etc.
  • The students shall not do anything inspired by politics like strikes or organize rallies. They shall always be attached to some constructive activity.
  • The students shall respect and behave properly with their teachers.
  • The students of college shall follow strict discipline and code of conduct. If they fail to follow directions of the Principal, they are liable to face any serve action like rustication.